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Mayors Report 2017/18 Cllr. Mrs. L. Crosby


2017 and 2018 have been a mixed bag of events. The problem of litter escalated during 2017 with very little appearing to be done by Doncaster Council, causing vast amounts of complaints and phone calls. Thankfully, the SERV (Stainforth Environmental Regeneration Volunteers) team based at Stainforth 4 ALL stepped in and came to the rescue by collecting litter two or three days a week (and an excellent job they do too). Hopefully when new litter bins are put into place this should help with the litter problem. In future we must keep an eye on fly tipping which is slowly on the rise again.

Small crime has raised its ugly head again, problems with damage and theft of cars, theft of dogs from people’s homes and gardens along with mobile phones and items of value, some being sentimental with elderly residents and their homes being the targets. Quad and dirt bikes continue to be a problem but the police are clamping down on this when they can.

It was decided in my mayoral year to start a neighbourhood plan. This is now moving at a great pace, with progress and “a true light at the end of a dark tunnel”. Great improvements will come into Stainforth with this plan and can I give my true and sincere thanks to the team involved with this.

The idea of turning the Hatfield Main Colliery Site into a mining heritage centre has been met with a great deal of public support as shown at the recent Neighbourhood Plan open day held earlier this month. Hopefully donations from the public, if only a pound or small amount will come forward in helping to support and Help this venture coming into being. Again thanks to all involved in this.

We are very fortunate to have the Tour De Yorkshire cycle race coming through Stainforth on the 3rd May. Let us hope this is fully supported by local businesses and residents. Let us show what Stainforth can do.

For the youngsters in Stainforth we now have Little Warriors Bootcamp and the childrens activity group run by Les Budhi which the children really enjoy. I would love to see more of this. We have football teams and would love to see in the future the possibility of a junior rugby team, athletics team and the use of Longtoft sports hall for possibly a junior netball team. Keep them fit and occupied.

May I thank all Councillors and Clerks for their support in my year as Mayor. My thanks also to the staff at the Cemetery for the sterling work they do throughout the year. Let us hope that 2018 is a year of vast improvements for the residents of Stainforth and let us have our onward and upward attitude improving what we want and need for this community.