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The labeling of products is a major aspect of marketing for many companies. Labels are used for the identification of products, name tags, advertising as well as warnings and other forms of communication. Being aware of label types and production will help any product look its best. Check out this website Labels can be applied using a variety of methods. Labels meilleur fabricant d'adhésif can be usually constructed from acrylics that are water-based. However, some can be created using solvent-based adhesives as well as hot melt adhesives. The most commonly used adhesive varieties are


This adhesive is usually not able to be removed without damaging the material or harming the surface. Solvents are needed to take off the label. The strength of adhesion and speed can be varying. For example, full adhesion may be almost instantaneous, or the label can be removed for a brief period , and then fully adhesion will develop within minutes or hours.


The adhesive on the labels is quite solid and won't fall off under normal conditions. The advantage of this type of adhesion is that the label is removed quickly, without tearing the base stock or leaving adhesive remaining on the original surface. The adhesive is typically strong enough to be applied over another area.


This adhesive was designed for use on glass book covers as well as book covers. Once removed, these adhesives labellings do not leave any trace of residue. Be aware that the adhesive is not strong and should only be used for light-duty applications. In general, these labels have no adhesion to objects once the labels have been taken off.

Freezer or Frost fix

The adhesion that these labels have makes them able to withstand temperatures of up to -40 degrees Celsius and therefore are appropriate for deep freeze usage.

High Tack

A type of permanent adhesive that has a large initial grip on surfaces. It is often used with higher coat weights to enable labels to adhere well to difficult, rough or dirt-filled surfaces.

Static Cling

This "process" doesn't use an adhesive. As it is constructed of PVC, it possesses a static charge that enables the adhesion of flat, smooth surfaces such as glass. It is often employed when easy removal is needed, such as with window advertising windows, window decorations, and oil label changes. The choice of adhesive can improve or decrease the attractiveness and value of your product. Do you think about the expense and hassle that you impose on your clients by supplying permanent adhesives for labels that must be changed every so often? Therefore, ensure to be aware of this often neglected-often labels. Andrew Taylor is the director of GoGo Print - an Australian based supplier of self adhesive labels, to manufacturers throughout Australia as well as New Zealand. As a former producer of bottles, Andrew understands that his client's primary need is being capable of sourcing high-quality labels at a fair price and with quick delivery.


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