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If you're looking for Arabic shows to watch, you've come to the right place. From the comedy series Abu Zayd AL-Hilal to the dramatic Lebanese drama Meryana, these programs will satisfy your appetite. Whether you're an Arab American or not, these shows are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture. If you're unsure of which shows to watch, you can check out my reviews for the top seven shows.

Lebanese sitcom Beit Khalteh

A popular Lebanese sitcom is Talbin El Ereb, which has more than 100 episodes, which is significantly more than the usual 30. More recent shows haven't quite achieved the same level of acclaim, but they're usually inter-country collaborations. Albi Da2, for instance, is a recent Lebanese romantic comedy that premiered during Ramadan 2015. Another popular Lebanese sitcom is Mafi Metlo, which satirizes political problems and negative societal behavior. This show is hilarious and is well worth watching. Streaming old Lebanese sitcoms on YouTube is a great way to see what they look like and get a good laugh. It also gives a glimpse of what the Lebanese people have to live with in the real world.

Lebanese-Syrian drama Meryana

Meryana, a Lebanesh-Syrian drama, was one of the first Syrian-language shows to be produced and released. The series began in 1982 and quickly became a classic of Syrian drama. It featured comedy sketches that addressed social and humanitarian issues. The four seasons were presented by actor Yasser al-Azma. Hisham Sharbatji directed them all. The Syrian-filmed drama was written by Wahbi and produced by Spring Entertainment. The show is about three separate stand-alone stories that come together at the end. The characters in each story are oppressed by the central marriage. The conflict between the two sides is portrayed through fractious relationships and an attempt to find common ground. The resulting tragedy causes some of the characters to quit their jobs and relocate to new neighborhoods.

Lebanese-Syrian drama Till Death

"Till Death" is a new series from Lebanon that premiered on Netflix UK on April 13, 2021. The story of a serial killer who picks young women as his victims. Directed by Elie Saman and written by Raed Bou Ajram, this drama is a riveting story that is sure to keep viewers riveted throughout. The series stars Daniella Rahme and Nicolas Mouawad. The story begins in Al Hayba, a town in the border between Syria and Lebanon. An Arab clan, the Sheikh Al Jabal, claims possession of the town and its smuggling routes. However, the Saeed clan, another powerful clan, also claims the land. The leader of the Jabal clan tries to balance family matters with his rivalry, only to find himself battling for survival.

Lebanese-Syrian comedy Abu Zayd AL-Hilal

This Lebanese-Syrian comedienne traces its origins to the 11th century, when a renowned Arab leader, Abu Zayd Ibn Rizq Al-Hilal, led his tribe in Tunisia by way of Egypt. His efforts in punishing the Zirids for their Sunnism weakened the Zirid state and he was eventually killed by his rival Dhieb bin Ghanim. Source : مسلسل المداح 2


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