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After having Joshua T Osborne mastering understanding the real estate business through digital and decided to begin teaching others with an own class! In contrast to other courses that end at the SEO conclusion, Josh shows you how to make use of Facebook and Google ads, and how to communicate with potential tenants! Alongside some introduction videos and the VERY crucial goal setting component You'll also receive video instruction on the following:


The main area where many programs aren't successful is with research. Specifically with Amazon FBA classes. The courses they offer on research can be made irrelevant and not work properly within a short amount of time. But, Google doesn't change nearly as often , nor do their strategies for research. But Josh regularly refreshes his courses as needed with everything you'll need to be aware of. In this module he dives deep into numbers and analytics to help you figure out the ideal way to market like. It's not easy and could seem a bit tedious, but getting a process such as this down as a marketer could make a huge difference in your time in the future.

Website Development

They're not difficult to build, in fact they're very simple in design. Odds are that you've already made an appointment for a service by using one of these websites before! In this part of the digital marketing education Josh shows you how to build one of these websites from beginning to the point of - How do you build the home page - How to build the pages for service - Where and how to get and place pictures

Everything from the initial design to the publishing of the website itself!

On Page SEO

In this module, Josh teaches you everything to ensure that you've been able to create pages on your website that are search engine friendly. Everything from content, to headers, to meta tags and descriptions. The most important thing to remember is that you want to make sure that when google is crawling the pages...they are seeing the content you are wanting to target in the correct areas. Josh is in-depth about the subject and much more in this article. He doesn't let anything up to guess work!

Off Page SEO

n this module, Josh teaches you everything you must learn about the backend of the digital marketing websites. - He will show you what a citation means, what the flow means and the golden ratio. - He explains what a link is and how to determine the good from the bad. - The author explains differences between no-follow and dofollow backlinks. - He demonstrates how to conduct backlink research. - He goes so far as to show you where you can get your own backlinks for FREE! This part of the training course covers a very important skill set deeply. Off-page SEO is an area which a lot of people struggle with. However, Osborne. Osborne lays everything out and doesn't leave anything open to debate through the Bad Ass Marketers program.

Google My Business Listing

This portion of the course goes over how to set up your GMB up from start to finish. You will learn: - Get your mailer - Optimization of photos - Citation strategy - Writing reviews One of the first things that potential customers of an item will be looking at besides the website, will be the GMB. It's because of two reasons.

The GMB's nearly always appear in the top results for a particular service and they get a lot of clicks. However, the second thing that is important, is the reviews! The customer would like to be sure that the company providing the thing or service they require has been rated highly by other people. I think we can be one in that we all agree that a business that has good reviews is likely to be considered trustworthy over a company with negative reviews or has no reviews. In fact, GMB's with no reviews are usually known to be ignored as they don't believe that anyone else has done business with them and are nervous to be the first. For all those reasons, this particular part of the program is so important. On top of that when you have ranked your GMB then you have two real estate pieces in the very first place!


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