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The pyrotechnic company Piromax organizes and conducts professional salutes and fireworks and pyrotechnic shows of all types.

Here you can order fireworks for a wedding, birthday, corporate party or your other holiday. We can also install all kinds of pyrotechnic effects, such as: cold pyrotechnic fountains, fiery inscriptions or logos, burning wheels, Christmas trees, and much more. We work throughout Ukraine.

How much can I order a beautiful fireworks? See on our website:

The price of a salute is formed mainly from the calculation of the cost of the pyrotechnics necessary for its implementation.

The purchase of pyrotechnic elements is the main item of expenditure for the fireworks show. The work of pyrotechnicians in writing the script, preparing and directly launching the fireworks is only 30% of its total price. Therefore, the more pyrotechnics on your show, the greater its cost.

First of all, when a person orders fireworks for his holiday, he must understand what price will suit him. For example, if you have an amount of 100-200 c.u. and you need to make traditional fireworks, then we can recommend buying fireworks. You can always find them on the Internet or in specialized stores and run them yourself. If it's not too expensive for you to pay for fireworks costing more than 800 USD, then the best option would be to order a professional fireworks display. It will already be a salute using powerful large calibers that you cannot buy in a store. Their use requires special skills and a lot of additional equipment.

The cost of professional fireworks can vary greatly depending on the intensity of the shooting. The calibers used and the length of the show also have a big impact on the price of your show.

How are firework prices determined?

First of all, you should decide on the duration of your salute. We recommend doing it for at least 2 minutes and no more than 15, depending on the category of the event. The pyrotechnic calibers used are usually selected based on the technical characteristics of the site, the distance to the audience, safety, etc. So, professional high-altitude fireworks are high-altitude charges (lustkugels), which are separately loaded into launchers. There are several methods for launching such charges. These are fire, electric and mixed (electric-fire). Our company generally uses the electric method of launching pyrotechnic elements. With this method of firing, the lustkugels are loaded into mortars and manually launched using special remote controls. And in the case of musical fireworks, a computer program. 😀

Роман Бершик

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