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Budget & Precept 2023-24

Stainforth Town Council's Precept for 2023-24 was set at a budget meeting held on 24th January 2023.
The Precept for the above financial year has been set at £206,569.00. Based on a Band D property this will mean an increase of 43p per week or £22.24 per year. Stainforth Town Council have not increased the precept since 2019-20 but unfortunately, with the rising cost of living and unprecedented energy costs, they were faced with the difficult decision to raise the precept in order to meet its financial obligations for the coming year. The precept represents funds collected by DMBC through council tax from ratepayers to facilitate the running of the Town Council's financial affairs. It is reviewed on an annual basis.

Annual Governance & Accountability returns

AGAR 2020/21

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